Dr. Krystyna "TK" Mosher, PT, DPT

Owner / Physical Therapist


Krystyna Mosher, preferring to go by TK, is the founder and owner of TKO Physical Therapy, LLC, and has been practicing physical therapy since 2015. TK graduated from Boston University with her DPT (doctor of physical therapy) degree in 2015 and is currently licensed to practice in the state of Massachusettes. TK uses a combination of manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and dry needling to help her patients return to the fight. While TKO Physical Therapy was founded to work primarily with pro and amateur fighters, other higher level athletes and those with orthopedic injuries receive care as well. TK seeks to constantly expand her knowledge base to stay up to date, and supports her profession by being a member of the APTA (American Physical Therapy Association).

TK's career started at a small, outpatient orthopeadic private practice where she treated various orthopeadic conditions including but not limited to low back pain, cervical and lumbar radiculopathy, patellofemoral pain syndrome, meniscal tears, rotator cuff tears, and post-op ACL. TK treated in this setting for over 2 years before starting her own practice in 2017. Her personal knowledge and practice of martial arts allows her to fully understand the demands and needs of her patients so that she can provide functional and patient-tailored care for her patients.

TK still practices martial arts, and is currently training in Muay Thai. She began her martial arts practice in TeukGong MooSool in South Korea, receiving her 1st Dan in 2008. While completing her undergraduate degree, TK began training in Taekwondo in 2009 at the Jae Hun Kim Taekwondo Institute in Boston, ultimately receiving her 3rd Dan in 2016. In 2017, after recovering from an injury, she began training at Sityodtong where she continues to expand her repertoire.